RIB Seat / Bed

  RIB Altair 3P Seat / Bed

The RIB Altair 3P seat is one of the best and most popular bed / seat systems on the market today. It is fully ccertified and provides 2 to 3 seating positions with integral 3 point seat belts to each position. The front and rear sections of this bed can lock in a number of angled positions increasing its flexibility.

Upholstery typically is taken care of in the RIB factory to an extremely high standard to match your existing OEM vehicle upholstery. Other fabrics are available upon request.

Bespoke leather upholster is available in a variety of colours, stitch patterns etc and we can also re upholster your front seats in matching leather for an upholstery overhaul!

This seat sit relatively high and some people may find their feet don’t touch the floor.

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We are approved suppliers and installers of RIB products.  Installations are in full accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure high quality SAFE installations. 


The seat transforms into a 186 cm (194 cm with high back rest) length bed and is available in a number of widths to suit most conversions. The most popular seating widths are:-112 cm, 120 cm , 129 cm and 150 cm.

  • 112 cm – This width seat provides maximum cupboard widths in camper conversions. Standard bed in our conversions. Seats 2 people.

  • 120 cm – Slightly wider sleeping area resulting in narrower cupboard widths. Can be installed in our conversions with alterations to cupboard widths. Seats 2 people.

  • 129 cm – Wider sleeping area resulting in narrow but useable cupboard widths. An ‘L’ shape unit configuration will accommodate the hob/sink. Seats 3 people.

  • 150 cmThis is the full width seat and is used in the Switch conversion. Seats 3 people.

  • Integral headrests included as standard

  • 22cm sliding mechanism optional (standard in our conversions)

  • Delivery included in price.


Description Supply Only From
112 width RIB Altair 3p, 2 persons POA
120 width RIB Altair 3p, 2 persons POA
129 width RIB Altair 3p, 3 persons POA
150 width RIB Altair 3p, 3 persons POA

Due to exchange rate fluctuations, we cant indicate a price so please contact us for prices.