We can provide various seating options to suit your needs such as fixed, removable, sliding etc, but all will be crash tested for your piece of mind.  Safety is paramount to us so we only deal in certified products.  Please click the image, follow the link below or select the main menu tabs to navigate to your chosen areas of interest.  If you do not find what you are looking for, please contact us to discuss further.


RIB Are quite possibly the most popular seat/bed systems available based on the quality, comfort and price.  Available in 2 or 3 seat options, these beds are manufactured to order and imported from France.  These are fixed position and non removable systems.


REIMO are another popular seat/bed system available with comparable quality of the RIB seat.  Available in 2 or 3 seat options, these beds are manufactured to order and imported from Germany.  REIMO seats are available in fixed or removable-sliding systems.

Passenger Seats

A popular option is to change the double passenger seat and replace it with a single ‘Captains’ seat.  A swivel base can be added to enabling the seat to swivel 180 degrees and face the rear.  We have a good dealer network so can often source a seat to match your requirements.

Seat Swivels

Seat swivels are popular upgrades when you have a single passenger seat.  There are various options from a standard swivel plate to an entire new seat base with an integral safe. All of our seating products are crash tested for piece of mind.  We use products from REIMO and RIB

Arm Rest Kits

Armrest kits are available for conversion of any factory VW T5 seat from 2003 – 2010 into a Captain Seat. The kits come complete with all of the necessary bolts to allow installation and an installation guide will be provided with every purchase.