Caravelle SWITCH

This van started out as a Caravelle and the customer, Ian wanted a vehicle which he can hire out through his company Imagineering. He purchased the vehicle with a standard RIB 150 fitted.   Ian had a clear idea about what he required, Escape POD, Fridge, Sink, Hob Double swivel etc.  He also wanted to hide the existing seat belt holes in the panels. 

It was immediately clear that the RIB seat was fitted too far forward to accommodate the POD. Ian also decided that an SCA 194 elevating roof was needed and the existing headlining and Caravelle panels were to be retained.  These were the two challenges to overcome. 

The RIB needed to be refitted further towards the rear to allow room for the POD, but its rear clashed with the rear panels, therefore a seat modification was required to make it fit. Once that problem was resolved, we focussed our attention on fitting the roof while retaining the Caravelle panels.  This was very challenging but we achieved a very nice fit and re-trimmed the vehicle with the existing panels, relocating courtesy lights, installing a full 230V and 12v electrical system and a diesel heater.  We designed bespoke stainless steel plates to cover the existing seatbelt holes in the C pillars which also housed the diesel heater control and the light switches. The Escape POD also needed heavy modification to fit in the available space, however we still managed to accommodate a Fridge, sink, hob, water bottle and gas bottle.  A smaller table was designed to fit to the POD for the RIB Seat passengers.

Overall this was a very challenging job but we are very happy with the result, but more importantly so is Ian and his family!

 Click here for video.