Lowering is another popular upgrade for your van. We typically fit H&R springs providing a 40mm drop which we have found to be the right ride height drop to allow everyday use as a camper without being too low to scuff bumper skirts/spoilers etc. These springs will improve the sporty look while lowering the vehicle centre of gravity, reducing body roll resulting in better handling.

‘The H&R philosophy is simple and effective: To manufacture the best suspension products, using only the highest grade materials, and then back all of our products with unparalleled customer service’.

As the first spring manufacturer worldwide, H&R has delivered TUV approved spring sets for 25 years. Compatible with OEM shock absorbers and nearly any other type of sport shock absorbers, H&R spring sets offer a inexpensive but high quality sports suspension upgrade.

Ultra high performance cars like the Porsche Carrera GT, 996 GT II and GT III are equipped with H&R springs, while Mercedes Benz chose them for its supercar, the CLK DTM AMG which is directly derived from the DTM CLK. The use of high-tension steel and the complete certification according to the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001 allow an enormous flexibility at highest quality. 

There are cheaper springs available but we steer clear of these due to previous bad experiances, the old adadge, buy cheap – buy twice is appropriate.


Compatible with OEM and aftermarket shock absorbers

  • TUV approved
  • Constructed with high-tension steel
  • Engineered, manufactured and tested in Germany
  • Certificated to DIN EN ISO 9001
  • Up to 1500kg front load, 1560Kg rear load 2WD
  • 4WD springs available

Code Description Year Supply Fitted
29429-1 T4 - 2WD+4WD 91>03 £189 £339
29270-1 T5 – 2WD, up to 1500 kg FA load, up to 1560 kg RA load 03/03> £229 £429
29270-2 T5 – 2WD, from 1501 kg FA load, up to 1560 kg RA load 03/03> £229 £429
29270-3 T5 – 2WD, up to 1500 kg FA load, from 1561 kg RA load 03/03> £229 £429
29270-4 T5 – 2WD, from 1501 kg FA load,from 1561 kg RA load 03/03> £229 £429
29270-5 T5 – 4WD, up to 1500 kg FA load  07/04> £239 £439
29270-6 T5 – 4WD, from 1501 Kg FA load 07/04> £239 £439

 Please note that the above prices include VAT. Shipping costs from £9, or contact us to collect.