We have many options available for that individual tailoring of your vehicle.  Please click the image, follow the link below or select the main menu tabs to navigate to your chosen areas of interest.  If you do not find what you are looking for, please contact us to discuss further.


Insulation is an important element in a conversion.  It will make the campervan experiance more enjoyable and comfortable, keeping you warm on the cold days and cool on the warm days. Our material of choice natural sheeps wool.


Plylining is the the foundation for the lining material and provides a solid surface for the furniture and other components to fix to.  The ply lining is effectively the ‘wall’ of the internal vehicle so it needs to be installed correctly to provide a suitable sub surface. 

Carpet Lining

Carpet lining is the ‘bit you see’ and provides the final finish to the vehicle sides and metal work.  It needs to be installed correctly, with the right adhesives and moulded to all surfices to produce the professional quality finish you expect. 


Campervans are exposed to all weather, muddy feet, the kids and the occasional spillage. The floor takes the brunt of this exposure and therefore should capable of withstanding many years of use. In our experience the only suitable material is an industrial grade vinyl flooring which is available in many colours to suit all tastes.

Internal Curtains

Internal curtains are essential if you have windows fitted. They will ensure privacy and keep the light out providing a good nights sleep.  They are thermal so can be used as sun screens during the day to keep the vehicle cool. The curtains we use are track fitted, stretchy and look great! 


The addition of refrigeration to your camper certainly improves your trips away.  They work equally well as your home refrigerator and you can expect all of the same advantages, cool beer, wine, milk, food etc.  You will wonder how your ever managed without one.

Kitchen Appliances

kitchen appliances come in all shapes and sizes.  From piezio ignition single burner to 3 burner, sinks with automatic taps, seperate appliances  and combination units.  The smoke black glass lids provide a touch of elegance to you camper.

Diesel Heater

Diesel heaters are a fantastic addition and will provide comfortable camping in the extended winter months (and some UK summers…).  We choose to fit  Eberspacher diesel heaters  as there is a model specifically designed for VW T5. These heaters are mounted under the vehicle so there is no danger of dangerous fumes escaping into the vehicle compartment.