Furniture Units

We can provide various furniture options to suit your needs, enabling flexibility when choosing your conversion.  You can choose to add items such as highline units, under bed storage cupboards and internal tables.  Please click the image, follow the link below or select the main menu tabs to navigate to your chosen areas of interest.  If you do not find what you are looking for, please contact us to discuss further.

Please see below for images of furniture board options.

Highline units

Highline Units can be fitted above the worktop or above the seat/bed. These options provide a surprising amount of additional storage capacity and provide a good mounting position for spot lights and rear speakers.

Internal Table

A nice touch to provide additional comfort is to add an internal table.  We have a standard size, 600mm x 900mm with radius corners but we can make any size or configuration you require.  These tables are mounted to a sliding rail and are removable when travelling.

Drawer Storage

Drawer storage is useful and typically installed under the bed/seat systems.  This provides convenient easy access to the under bed storage area.  We can usually fit 2 drawers under a 2 seat and 3 drawers under a 3 seat crash tested bed.