The Panorama conversion has a less traditional ‘L’ shaped layout to maximise the available space within in the vehicle.

The Panorama conversion is our premier conversion due to the increased complexity and departure from the traditional furniture layout. 

It has been developed to allow wider RIB seats to be utilised.  The wider seat reduces the cupboard depth, therefore the hob or Fridge need to be stepped out, in an ‘L’ shaped furniture configuration. 

In a SWB  the sink/hob unit will be rotated 90 degrees, in a LWB van the hob/fridge component will be stepped out.  A bespoke table is included which increases the worktop area further.

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Included in the Panorama conversion  

  • Industrial grade vinyl flooring
  • Full carpet lining to all exposed metalwork  
  • Natural sheep’s wool insulation to all voids  
  • ‘L’ shaped full length Vohringer furniture units, with increased storage capacity  
  • High level units installed above worktop and seat/bed area  
  • Rear door access to cupboards from outside of the vehicle  
  • Smart design of rear cupboards to accommodate fold up camping tables and chairs  
  • CAN two burner/sink combination unit – with smoke glass lid and electronic ignition  
  • Internal table
  • WAECO CRX50 front loading fridge
  • Provision for Camping gas 907 bottle
  • 13 litre water container  
  • 120 or 129 RIB fully crash tested seat/bed system. Integral head restraints and seat belts in each seating position. Under seat storage void accessible from the rear  
  • 12v dual sense charging system with control panel – charges battery automatically when vehicle engine is running  
  • 12v CBE socket   
  • 12v LED internal spot lighting x 4.  Choice of other LED fittings  
  • 230v  hook up and charging system – charge leisure battery and runs appliances when vehicle is parked up  
  • 230v 3 pin socket  
  • Leisure battery, 110 Ah with 3 year guarantee  
  • SCA slim line front elevating roof  
  • SCA roof bed – will carry up to 23 stone in weight

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From £16,500

Further Information  

  • Additional lighting upgrades are available  
  • Internal cupboard lighting upgrade
  • Eberspächer diesel heater upgrade for those colder nights
  • Window installation available
  • Roof colour coding   

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