As well as all those standard options, we can also provide various External / Styling options to suit your needsfrom Awnings to silverscreens.  See below and for further details. Please click the image, follow the link below or select the main menu tabs to navigate to your chosen areas of interest. If you do not find what you are looking for, please contact us to discuss further.

Awning Rails

We typically fit REIMO awning rails, these can be fitted to either side of the vehicle or both!  They provide a gutter for directing rain from the vehicle roof and also provide a mounting point for fitting retractable awnings, (see below).  These rails can be fitted to vans with or without elevating roofs.  They work with REIMO and SCA roofs.


We use PROSTOR awnings and typically fit the PROSTOR 500 model.  They can be supplied in white, anodised or as special order anthracite.  These awnings are excellent and proivide shade from the sun and rain.  Optional extras are rafterbars (to prevent sagging and useful when used in the rain), side/front sun shades and rain walls.

To fit these Awnings we will need to install brackets specific to your van.