Variotech 333 Seat

The Reimo Variotech 333 seating system one of the best bed/seating systems on the market today and offers exeptional comfort and safety. It has type approval and certified to 76/115/EEC/2005 M1 Rating and provides 2 to 3 seating positions with integral 3 point seat belt harnesses to each position. It is very similar to the RIB seat and of equal quality.  It is available in fixed and sliding options. Upholstery is taken care of in the Reimo factory to an extremely high standard to suit your existing vehicle upholstery and taste; other fabrics are available upon request. This seat sits lower than the RIB allowing your feet to touch the floor.  Scroll Down for further images.

We are suppliers and installers of REIMO seat and bed products. Installations are in full accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure high quality SAFE installations.


The fixed and sliding seats are essentially the same seat but the sliding seat mounts into an innovative track system allowing the seat to be located in multiple positions providing flexible passenger and load carrying options.  The whole seating system can also be removed from the vehicle for those occasions when a large load needs to be carried.

Both seats transform into a 1900mm length bed and are available in a number of widths to suit most conversions.

  • The Fixed version is available in 1105mm for two person, three person available in 1155mm, 1230mm and 1430mm.

  • The sliding version is available in 1110mm for two person, three person available in 1160mm, 1210mm, 1230mm, 1280mm, 1360mm 1410mm and 1480mm.



We have found that the following standard widths work well in our conversions, however the final decision is yours and we will try to accomodate the width you choose.

  • 1105/1110mm – This width seat provides maximum cupboard widths in camper conversions. Standard bed in our conversions. Seats 2 people.

  • 1210/1230mm – Slightly wider sleeping area resulting in narrower cupboard widths. Can be installed in our conversions with alterations to cupboard widths. Seats 3 people.

  • 1430/1480mm – This is the full width seat and is used in the Switch conversion. Seats 3 people.


Description Supply Only Fitting
1105 Variotech 333 (fixed), 2 persons  £2980  £360
1155 Variotech 333 (fixed), 3 persons  £3070  £360
1230 Variotech 333 (fixed), 3 persons  £3050  £360
1430 Variotech 333 (fixed), 3 persons  £3150  £360
1110 Variotech 333 (sliding), 2 persons  £3675  £490
1210 Variotech 333 (sliding), 3 persons  £3590  £490
1480 Variotech 333 (sliding), 3 persons  £3770  £490

Please note that the above prices include VAT but are a ‘from’ price as there are many upholstery configurations available. Delivery charges are applicable. A fixed quote will be provided once the requirement is fully discussed and agreed.