External / Styling

We can provide various External / Styling options to suit your needs such as window installations, alloy wheels, colour coding, aftermarket lighting replacement etc. We can fit or supply most parts. Please click the image, follow the link below or select the main menu tabs to navigate to your chosen areas of interest. If you do not find what you are looking for, please contact us to discuss further.


Windows will transform the look of a van and also provide more light into the vehicle while improving the visibility from  within. We can supply OEM glass but the most popular is our 80 and 90% privacy glass.  90% is a high quality glass with a deep dark tint while the 80% glass is slightly lighter.  Both 80 and 90% glass provide far greater privacy than the OEM VW.

Alloy Wheels

Alloy wheels are by far the most popular upgrade and will transform the appearance of your van immediately.  We can supply alloy wheels from VW, usually 18” Sportline and also wheels from LENSO.  One thing to bear in mind is the load rating of the wheel and tyre, these need to be correct and suitable for vans so you can’t simply fit any wheel/tyre combo. 

Body Kits

We can supply entire body kits or individual parts, ready for painting as required.  Parts include, front grille, lower front spoiler, side skirts, rear spoiler and rear bumper with lower skirt.  We can supply and fit as required.

Colour Coding

Colour coding removes that ‘panel van’ look by re-spraying the front / rear bumpers and also the wing mirrors, if required, to match the vehicle bodywork.  We can re-spray existing textured bumpers to provide a smooth finish, this is the time where we would add body kit elements.    


We can supply and fit aftermarket external lighting to further enhance the appearance of your vehicle.  Our supplier, DEPO, has a vast range and the most popular items are Caravelle front lights, clear side repeaters, clear rear clusters and fog lights.   


Lowering your vehicle by installing new springs will enhance the sporty look of your vehicle, improve the ride, by lowering the vehicle centre of gravity.  Body roll is reduced and the progressive spring rate design provides superb ride quality and comfort.  We supply H&R springs which are the number one suspension upgrade for your vehicle.

Misc Items

Miscellaneous items which are available for you vehicle, from awnings to silver screens.  All items are tried and tested to ensure durability and quality.