SCA Roof

 are low profile high quality TUV certified roof systems, available for many vehicles in front or rear elevating models. When they are closed, they only add a few centimetres to the height of the vehicle. This means that the overall height of the vehicle remains below two metres. When they are open they provide full height standing room (with the bed elevated). Supplied with bed and mattress.

We are a UK agent/importer for SCA products, authorised and approved by SCA directly and listed on their dealer network list, we supply and install for public and trade customers.  Installations are in full accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure high quality SAFE installations.  We can supply only if required and can accomodate trade installations.

Newer models of SCA roofs include high lift rear scissor hinges and slatted bed systems.

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  • GRP roof shell, 4 mm thick with 4 mm crumpled    velour insulation;
  • Optimal aerodynamics through flat integral spoiler in front of roof shell;
  • Top quality, fire-resistant tent fabric, semicircular tent windows at front or rear and sides, with dual zippers and fly screen, right-hand window made of glass-clear plastic
  • Roof bed with GRP frame, single or multipart bunk panel;
  • Reinforcing frame to reinforce roof cut out, version approved by vehicle manufacturer;
  • Roof model (190, 192) with central locking using rotary tumbler locks, high quality aluminium sliding panel to cover access opening, tent material equipped with edge stripping all the way round to facilitate replacement in event of damage, folding mechanism (sewn-in plastic bars which pull the tent fabric inwards when the roof shell is closed)
  • Roof model(194), this is the latest model incorporating new cam locking system, slatted bed (like the VW California), high lift rear scissor hinges with additional gas struts
  • Roofs available for Transit Custom, Mercedes, Vivaro and more


Description Fitting
SCA 196/198 VW T5 (SWB) £POA
SCA 190 VW T5 (SWB) Front Elevation £POA
SCA 192 VW T5 (LWB)  Front Elevation £POA
SCA 194 VW T5 (SWB) – New model – Front Elevation £POA