NEW Wheel dealership – AUTEC, BORBET, RONAL

We are please to announce that we are now an approved supplier of AUTEC, BORBET and RONAL alloy wheels.  These wheels make an excellent, value for money alternative to the standard VW OEM Sportline packages.

‘All of these van rated wheels are designed in Germany or Europe by designers and engineers. They are usually heat treated which is a process of heating and slow cooling that strengthens the alloy to the required application needs. Every wheel before it released for sale is tested by the TÜV testing and approval body with tyres, on the vehicle for which it is intended. Various impact, strength, degradation and quality tests are required to be certified before it is allocated its approval number. If the wheel does not meet the German regulation, the wheel is not passed and returned to the manufacturer for modification.’

We will be adding these wheels to our website soon!